Scarlett Eve's Fund

a volunary non-profit organisation

In memory of Scarlett  

scarlett finished

Scarlett Eve's fund is a voluntary non-profit organisation, created by myself and my husband (Emma and Darren) in December 2010 in memory  of our daughter, Scarlett Eve Sudworth, who was born on the 16th of December 2005 in Doncaster, and  died just short of 2 days old in the neo natal unit in Jessops, Sheffield.

The fund relies on donations and monies from sponsored events, etc to provide memory boxes and contents to the delivery suite, Neo-natal unit and G5 at Doncaster womens hospital..

The boxes will then be given to parents who have had a baby die before/during or very soon after birth, from an appropriate gestational age.

Having a baby die is a horrific experience, the pain and desperation is unimaginable and can happen unexpectedly so the parents can't prepare for this, the memory boxes provide important pieces that will be treasured by the parents forever.

Provided to the hospital is a beautiful memory box that contains a card with a poem printed on parchment, inkless hand and foot prints, a teddy, blanket, outfit, prem clothing, photo album, a little windmill, rose and stone loveheart for the garden or grave, a crystal  T light holder, trinket box, love heart tree memory decoration, a hooded towel and sponge, two silver pendants,

Simple, we wanted to help others who are going through this awful time. No parents should have to have a funeral for their baby.  Having to watch our baby die was heart breaking, the pain and despair is debilitating, walking away without her was horrific, i cant really explain the pain and what it does to you deep down, our life was changed from that moment on. It took a long time to regain strength and energy to invest back in life again, the long, dark road of grief was helped by the support from family, friends and a bereavement counsellor. You learn to adjust to the difficult journey and the continuos challenges it brings, but with the right tools and time, life becomes joyous again! Scarlett will never be forgotten and will always be part of our family, she now has two beautiful brothers, and a sister.

It is through this experience that gives myself and Darren the strength and immense passion to help others, and to try and turn a negative experience into a positive and productive one, her life had a purpose, she was given to us for a reason, which we are extremely grateful for, the darkness and fog transcended to Scarlett Eves Fund.