Scarlett Eve's Fund

a volunary non-profit organisation

In memory of Scarlett  

Thank you

We would like to make you aware of your local business's that are supporting us, We are very grateful for their support and help......

We would like to thank the Directors at POLYPIPE plc of Edlington, Doncaster for DONATING a generous sum of 500 pounds! in AUGUST 2011, it is great that a local business is supporting local people at this sad time, you helped the fund to actually get off the ground and start donating.

THANK YOU  to the events manager at ASDA  (dome) for her continued support and fund raising oppertunities.


We would like to thank the kind parents who have donated money in memory of their babies that have so sadly died and received our memory boxes/packs, we are so touched by your generosity, to know that the next family are helped because of your son/daughter is humbling and incredibly kind.



Thank you to everyone who has donated to the fund, please keep following us.

The Endoscopy unit, DRI and Bassetlaw, who continue to support us, they are a wonderful team who are always looking at ways to create fund raising events and always donate, we cant thank the staff enough for their support. A huge thank you to the amazing team!!!!! im very proud of you all.

We find it very humbling that the midwives from the DELIVERY SUITE, womens hospital DRI, have also decided not to spend their money on sending christmas cards to each other and have instead donated their money to the fund, they raised £162, it is amazing commitment and support from the midwives that they are trying to help these parents that little bit further, something thats not been available for them to do up untill now, a big thank you.

ENDOSCOPY AND DELIVERY SUITE..... you should be very proud, your commitment shines, the NHS has some wonderful committed staff that really do care and want to make a difference !

Thank you to Gaynor at Sainsburys , Edenthorpe for your continued support .